Enthusiasm and creativity drives our business

We have built our Brand taking guidance from the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin -
" Well done is better than well said."

Enthusiasm created by confidence and purpose, we have the expertise in our field, and we demand excellence. This excellence is carried throughout our processes including the service our customers receive.

Our Brand is associated with high expectations and standards. The foundation of our Brand is solidly built on our unwavering character, integrity and work ethic.

Challenges are what drives us and The term “ We have never been asked that before” does not deter us but reinforces our “out the box” creative thinking to provide practical, unique and cost effective solutions to everyday real problems experienced by Estates.

We are confident  in our ability to deliver and our expertise & and value that we bring to our customers is proven, by not only providing solutions to Operational issues but by also saving money simultaneously. 

Our Expertise

Security Consulting

We always work with the best interest of our customers in mind - the primary objective being optimizing and developing excellence in the Security Operations through a continuous cycle of improvement. We provide numerous support services, such as: Service Level Agreements, metrics and measurements, policies & procedures, as well as reports and analysis tools to ensure our primary objectives are met.

Audits & Assessments

Our Audits consist of a full assessment of the current Security Operations currently provided on site with the primary goal being the identification of areas of recommendation & improvement to optimize security on your Estate.
This involves the observation of current operations, staff interviews, evaluation of technology and manpower relationships, evaluation of policies & procedures and report analysis. Be honest with yourself, if you feel there is room for improvement on your Estate, be proactive - don't wait and then regret it.

Staff Development & Strategic Advisory

We engage on a level that works best for your Estate to improve Operational proficiency. With operations being a continuous improvement programme, we work with both the Upper and Executive Management to address and mitigate security risks at all levels and to improve the management and measurement thereof, taking your Security Operations to the next level.

Tender Adjudication

We manage the entire Tender Process for your Security requirements, including but not limited to:

Request For Proposals Drafting Tenders,
Tender Adjudication,
Negotiating of services
& pricing as well as the drafting
of Service Level Agreements
including stringent penalty and critical
failure clauses.

Policies & Procedures

In our experience, most Estates do have SOP's in place, however these are normally drafted by the Service Provider and the trend is to simply copy and paste.
Although there are many similarities on Estates, every single one has different systems and functions that are paramount to the Security Operations being effective. The problem is that, when a breach occurs, these systems & functions start to unravel.
We can assist with drafting a Site-Specific SOP Manual which will be owned by the Estate. We can draft Site-Specific Standard Operating Procedures that will ensure technology and manpower work together seamlessly,as well as work flow processes, and System Training Manuals.

Estate Operational APP

Manage your Guarding Operations easily & simply using our tried and tested APP which will provide a live dashboard that is tailor-made for your Site. Our APP which offers exception reporting, patrol tagging & management, logging of maintenance issues and provides full transparency of all issues experienced on Site. Take control of your own Operations and don't rely on the Service Provider for this vital function. By managing your own Operations effectively, you regain control of your Estate drawing your own reports off the APP reflecting accurate unedited information to manage Operations more efficiently.

Our Team

Michelle Kramer

Chief executive officer

Savannah Cox


IDME Consulting  is one of the leading Security Risk Management firms in South Africa. We are trusted to deliver innovative, prevention orientated advisory solutions 

that help our Customers improve their Operational performance and outcomes in protecting what matters most: their residents, guests, visitors, staff and 


With over 30 years Operational Security experience we can confidently present our Brand. Our Team are born Entrepreneurs with a drive for 

processes and Operational excellence. We are one of the few Companies which focuses on manpower 

and technology working together to hold the Service Providers accountable – ensuring that the security promised & paid for is the protection being 

received, and that your Estate is as safe as you believe.

We are tenacious, meticulous and dedicated. We are customer focused and solutions driven. Apart from our expertise, our work ethic and 

integrity is what sets us apart.

Our Current Projects

Mt Egdecombe Country Club Estates

Zimbali Coastal Resort

Renishaw Hills

The Executive


It has been my experience that whatever Michelle takes on, she does it with extreme commitment and professionalism. She engaged with our group, carried out extensive market research and guided us with the formation of a framework to manage our security services. Her professionalism, knowledge and dedication was exemplary and I would highly recommend Michelle. A real pleasure to work with Michelle.

Ian Lambie

Lambie Spark & Associates
On behalf of The Executive Management Association I would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort in rectifying and bringing our security system, measures and operations up to a world class standard. In my nine years on the Estate I have not seen our security environment ever look and work so well. I know you are exceptionally passionate and diligent at what you do and it has been most evident on our Estate.

Mike Lambert

The Executive
We have had the pleasure of working with Michelle, who is an expert in her field, has very high standards and a work ethic you rarely find these days.She has been very loyal and always had the Estates best interests at heart, she has really exceeded our expectations.With her operational and technical knowledge, she provided pragmatic, unbiased and professional advice and assisted with renegotiating security contracts, save money and improve the service provided.

Richard Crocker

Renishaw Hills
Construction Director
Michelle has a good understanding of the industry in its entirety.During her audit undertaken various shortfalls were identified and recommended corrective actions proposed. We would recommend her services to any company that requires an independent and truthful evaluation of their loss control and on-site procedures.

Rob Etchels

It was refreshing to meet Michelle and see her wholistic approach to solution design. Michelle's systematic approach to SOP's and measurement design ensures that the sites she works on continue to deliver the expected output after the induction period. Michelle is passionate about what she does and works tirelessly to achieve th results she commits to . I have little doubt that Michelle will continue to be at the forefront of the much-needed reform in this increasingly stale industry. I highly recommend Michelle and her team.

Barry East

Managing Director
Michelle came referred by the Chairperson of Mt Edgecombe Country Club and Estates. We found her to be professional, efficient and most knowledgeable. Her main focus was conducting and audit, drafting of Service Level Agreements and drafting SOP's for our Estate.The Board and Estate Management has no hesitation in recommending her and her Company.

Mark White

The Executive
Estate Manager

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