IDME Consulting

Travel with us, the journey is simple when navigated by experts

Security is one of the biggest spends on any large Estate or Commercial Property. During our Consulting we negotiate strategically as we know this Industry, the services and the value attached to them. During a recent Consulting service provided to a KZN Estate we managed to save them in excess of R1 500 000,00 in only a few months of consulting. The majority of the savings on monthly expenditure. At the end of the day we more than likely pay for ourselves, with added savings.  


Operational Procedures are imperative, and need to be drafted specific to the site. Without SOP’s in place technology and manpower will not run effectively, and it relies on the human element to make emergency critical decisions.

Metrics &

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it! Essential for any Security Initiative. We offer an on-line dashboard that is tailor-made for your site, which allows us to independently oversee the day to day operations for you.


This is an active service of operationally communicating with the Service Provider and overseeing the Management of the Security in line with our metrics and measurement tools. We deal direct by handling the operational communication and monthly security meetings and ensuring full service delivery.


This process is imperative as it can not only save you costs, but can source the best service provider in line with your requirements and their operational capacity within your area. We cover needs analysis, RFP Drafting, Compulsory Site Inspections, Tender Presentations, Reference Checking, and our Recommendation.

Contract, Services & Pricing Negotiations

With our Industry experience we are able to effectively negotiate contracts, pricing and value added services to the benefit of our client.

Service Level

The is probably the most important element of your operations, and have found that a concise SLA rarely exists. The implementation of a thoroughly drafted Service Level Agreement not only aims to ensure a good working relationship, however it is critical to ensure accountability and service expectations are met, with the assistance of Penalty and Critical Failure clauses.

Our True Value

We provide expert knowledge relating to best practices , identifying risks and minimizing these risks  in an effective, cost effective manner whilst ensuring full accountability from Service Providers.

Ensuring that people, processes and technology work together is the absolute key ingredient to a secure and effective solution. 

IDME Consultants provide customized solutions to fit our customers unique security needs. We work solely for our customers and are an independent, unbiased resource offering pragmatic advice and solutions. With our hands on approach and with experience from operations through to technology, we are able to offer sound advice whilst considering costs and feasibility.

 We have built our reputation on providing our customers with knowledge from our vast experience with the highest levels of service, integrity and professionalism. We specialize in Estate Security, Residential Community Initiatives, Business Parks, Hotel Industry, Retail and security relating to Local Authorities.

It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable