IDME Consulting

It is all about inspecting what you expect!

How effective do you believe your current security is? Conduct an Audit and be proactive, this will either provide peace of mind that you are in fact secured adequately and are paying for the services you are receiving or will provide insight into areas that require improvement. This is beneficial either way, and is far better to be proactive when it comes to your safety.

The purpose of our Audits are to assist organizations in achieving their objectives, by providing independent assurance that risk management, governance and internal processes are operating effectively.

What differentiates IDME  is that we provide multiple risk category Audits with one single risk mitigating coordinator. We approach our Audit functions with the appropriate understanding of our role in order to most effectively serve the Company, Store & Customers.

Why Audit?

Identify security risks or strengths and areas for improvement 

Ensuring service providers are compliant with laws & regulations

Promotes operational efficiency

Increase standards, financial reliability and integrity especially with regards to Service Providers

Ensuring maintenance & services from providers are in line with Service Level Agreements

Reduce shrinkage and preserve profits 

Identify deviations from Management standards and expectations

Ensuring Human Resources are being used adequately and efficiently 

Promotes automation of procedures 

Eliminates redundant and/or burdensome controls

Identify customer related risk to reduce public liability claims

Reduce HR & IR related risks and costs 

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"