False alarms and their negative impact

Simply hanging a few cameras on the fence line and expecting reliable detection at your perimeter fence line is usually unrealistic.

There is still an onus on the Estate to maintain and manage the false alarms consistently. While false alarms can be a pain point, they can also give Estates valuable information about potential security problems, whether an outdated system requiring maintenance, vegetation-related issues, spiderwebs or human behaviour that needs to be corrected.

Why you need to audit your operations

A quality audit can reveal the truth about the effectiveness of the current security strategies whilst managing Service Level Agreement between the Estate and the security service provider. The added advantage to this service is that a third party can focus on assessing the security while ensuring that the Service Provider is compliant with all […]

Drones – The Pros & Cons of using on a Residential Estate

There are many operational Pros to using drones on Estates such as : With the Lowering costs of drones, lightweight cameras and state of the art stabilization, they are appealing for use in security operations Great for use in emergency response to establish appropriate response measures A specified area is defined by programming a drone […]

Pain points for Residential Estates and Boards

Have you ever found yourself questioning or asking the following? Why does my Service Provider not manage the duties of the estate’s guards?Why is there a lack of communication and feedback from my Service Provider?Why is my SLA in the best interests of my Service Provider?Why don’t we get comprehensive monthly reports?Why is there a […]

Using Third-Party Service Providers

According to Dereck Barr-Pulliam (PhD, CIA, CPA) in ” Engaging Third Parties for Internal Audit Activities, he states that A global average of 38% of CAE’s say they use third parties for internal audit activity. It was further noted that the average percentage of activity performed by a 3rd party recorded a 21% for Sub-Saharan Africa. […]

Is your Estate POPIA Compliant?

When running or living on a lifestyle / residential estate, have you considered the amount of personal information required to enable the estate to operate effectively? There are residents, guests, employees, and contractors and living, working, coming and going. Have you considered the amount of personal information collected in this process? What happens to this […]