IDME Consulting

About us

I have vast experience (over 28 years) in Security Operations. I was an Operational Policewoman for over 16 years, working in the field, with specialized units, conducting investigation and being very involved in community policing

Thereafter I went on to work in the Private Security Sector for 9 years. During this time, I worked for numerous different security companies, one of which was Blue Security, where I headed up the Community Projects Division, managing all aspects relating to this Department from initiating a new community initiative to ensuring that operational best practice was achieved to ensure the best security for the Community. In addition, I conducted risk assessments, identifying weakness and providing recommendations, in line with client expectations.

Drafting Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that technology and manpower work hand in glove, was a large part of my function. I further negotiated costs and drafted Service Level Agreements to ensure there were defined objectives and expectations could be clearly measured.

My experience in the Private Security Industry provides an advantage as I have clear insight into the costs (internal & external) and full knowledge of their operations. This provides value to my customers as I can maximize the services, and minimize the costs, as well as negotiate additional value-added services whilst ensuring a concise Service Level Agreement is drafted with the necessary penalties and critical failures.

In 2016 I launched IDME Consulting which specializes in Safety, Security & Risk Consulting and Audits. Whilst conducting operational security audits, I identified areas that could certainly be improved upon and this was the operational management of the actual manpower on site. This led me to partner and become the sole distributor in South Africa of Silvertrac (IDME Control) which is a unique APP, and certainly one of a kind that assists in ensuring accountability of the guarding manpower on any site. This is the foundation to a security solution.

I have since been appointed as Head of Security on Mt Edgecombe Golf Course and Estates, and still run my consulting business, conduct training in best practice security operations specializing in Estates and am growing by client base for IDME Control APP.

Michelle Kramer - CEO