Using Third-Party Service Providers

According to Dereck Barr-Pulliam (PhD, CIA, CPA) in ” Engaging Third Parties for Internal Audit Activities, he states that A global average of 38% of CAE’s say they use third parties for internal audit activity. It was further noted that the average percentage of activity performed by a 3rd party recorded a 21% for Sub-Saharan Africa. […]

Is your Estate POPIA Compliant?

When running or living on a lifestyle / residential estate, have you considered the amount of personal information required to enable the estate to operate effectively? There are residents, guests, employees, and contractors and living, working, coming and going. Have you considered the amount of personal information collected in this process? What happens to this […]

Being one step ahead of your Security

In the design of an effective perimeter security system, consideration must be given to the various threat areas (low, medium and high) as well as the type of physical barrier that is erected around the estate or building. Based on this information, the design would involve the matching of the right technologies and systems to […]